The biggest gaming community and newssite of the BeNeLux

9lives is the biggest gaming community and game related newssite of the BeNeLux. Its mission is to cover all news on games and the culture surrounding them with the focus on an amazing customer experience for their fans and readers. It's built with the latest device agnostic technologies with a solid Drupal in the back to deliver fast updates, news, special articles, previews, reviews, ... . This site is technically separated from the existing vBulletin forum.

Concept & Navigation

Following the principles of 'content first', we created a platform with the focus on the articles itself. With the navigation fixed on top you'll never get lost and always have an eye on the complete structure through the menu. We focused on designing a perfect visual ballance between the navigation and the content.

Mobile first & beyond

Mobile-first responsive web design comes down to using Progressive Enhancement as a foundation for web strategy and design. As the 9lives audience is a very techie audience that explore the web through different devices, being available on all platforms and devices was very important.

A very important side note is that we delivered a full responsive platform with an optimised display for advertisement.

Editorial design

Editorial design has been with us for quite a long time. Magazine, newspapers and books are a good example of the importance of editorial design. Nowadays, content is consumed online more than in magazines. We optimised the readability of the articles by using typography and layout principles that are related to a print orientated environment. Together with the editors we tuned the concept to their editorial needs.


Video content is the fastest growing media online. 9lives combines their own video productions with other video content related to their content in this videozone on their online platform.


One of the main goals for this online platform was creating an amazing customer experience. As an extra service we created a creative 404 page.