Home to AB InBev, Leuven is known as the beer capital of the world. Leuven also houses the worldfamous and historical university KULeuven and it has an extraordinary religious and historical heritage. We created a branding and styling that is easy to adapt to the purpose and subject of the communication. We also got to rethink some of the existing formats of brochuring and together with Toerisme Leuven we created new ways to appeal to wider audience.

International branding & strategy

Leuven shows ambition to be an international player on the tourism market. This ambition needs its own tone of voice and styling that’s translated in a unique branding strategy.

As every brand Leuven Tourism had his own slogan. I Luv Leuven is a positive and inviting message to everyone who wants to discover Leuven.

Aha! Footsteps of science

All the different faculties of the University of Leuven and colleges think a lot about life. They are currently carrying out some innovative research. What are they working on and developing behind the scenes? You can find out all about it along the free Aha! WetenStappen walking route. A large panel has been set up in front of each of the faculties and colleges with an explanation about their findings, about what they are working on, and with some interesting information about the building in which they're working.

Op stap in Leuven

Discover Leuven through a wide range of trails through the city. You can choose a trail that fits your interests or just take a walk along the highlights of Leuven.

Trade guide

To present the city to the professional audience of bookers, travel agencies and promotors, we developped a tool in the shape of a ‘trade guide’ with a very visual approach to convince everyone to visit Leuven.