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© Designskills logo

The Agency


Designskills is a creative unit that pushes the boundaries.
Designskills is both radical and rational. We deliver
pioneering work on all aspects of communication,
advertisement, design and marketing.

Designskills is a full-service communication agency with a powerful design studio that pushes the bounderies. We convert creativity and the continuous urge for innovation into the most efficient communication products. This service comes with a great dose of rock ’n roll attitude and an eye for what’s right for our future and our environment. Always supported by intense research, data analysis and with an eye for ‘the next big thing’.

The expert agency

Designskills is an expert agency and we are 100% committed to "do what you are good at" principle. Our team consists of absolute experts with a clear focus, is multidisciplinary and completely independent of technologies, suppliers or marketing dogmas, which means we deliver tailor-made solutions at the highest level.

Designskills Design Studio
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Branding & Storytelling
Service design thinking
Activism & Awareness
Youth & Kids
City marketing
Online marketing
Visual language
Campaigns & Leads

The design studio

Designskills has focused on high end design since the start. Quality, craftsmanship, creativity and experiment are a prominent part of Designskills’ DNA. The expertise of the design studio stands on its own, but also fits seamlessly with the expertise of the agency and our strategic skills.

Trough trendwatching, a focused strategic approach and a large dose of creativity, Designskills always goes for the full brand experience. Everything starts with a good idea and in that context Designskills adopts a technology-independent approach. The medium always serves the purpose.

“ Designskills makes
you look good. ”
Designskills design studio
  • Illustration & graphics
  • Branding
  • Typography
  • Motion graphic design
  • Audio branding
  • Editorial design
  • UX & UI + dev
  • Graphic design
To the studio

Our mission:

We all want a healthier and better world and we all want to reduce our ecological footprint. At Designskills we don’t just dream of a better world, we also work on it.  ‘Practice what you preach’.

Together with our clients we go for ecological choices in the communication process and together we look for a blend that offers the right solution for both the project and the environment.