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ECOmMunication is tomorrow’s way to connect with your audience.

We all want a healthier and better world and we all want to
reduce our ecological footprint. At Designskills we’ve made
this our mission.

At Designskills we not only dream of a cleaner world, we’re also working on it. ‘Practice what you preach’. Together with you we go for ecological choices in the communication process. Together with you we look for solutions that offer the right solution for both the project and the environment.

“ Designskills makes
you look good. ”
Designskills Expert Agency

Today, you’re able to opt for the “opportunity to reduce CO2”. A communication plan can ultimately also have an impact on the ecological and carbon footprint of your campaign or brand. Digital communication, printing on ecological paper, working with vegetal inks, video applications, etc. are just a few applications that can play a prominent role in our communication. We always keep an eye on the ecological part for the project and keep the ecological footprint of our project as limited as possible.

Stay wild
Go Green